Primex Medical Billing Solutions

PrimexMBS is a medical billing company that offers comprehensive medical billing services to healthcare providers in the United States to increase revenue, streamline workflow, and modernize the patient experience. We serve a wide selection of diverse healthcare entities across the healthcare range from single physician, medium-sized practices to independent physician relations – which is evidence of the functionality and flexibility of our core solutions.

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Our commitment is our foundation, and we firmly stand by it
Maximize your revenue potential

Enhance process transparency with weekly and monthly analytical reports, complemented by a daily summary.

Multiple specialties

Our comprehensive billing services cater to all medical specialties, ensuring efficient and accurate billing.

handling denials

Our approach to denied claims is proactive and rigorous, involving frequent follow-ups and appeals to ensure swift resolution and maximum revenue recovery.

Tailored Pricing Options to Fit Your Needs

Customized Pricing Plans Aligned with Your Monthly Revenue

Expert Team at Your Service

We strongly believe that assembling the right team is crucial, as it accounts for 80% of your success.

Maximize Cost Savings

Unlock Annual Savings of Up to $12K per Physician with Florence Billing Services